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We believe that by coming out en masse to work for the election of Joe Biden, it will enable the Democratic Party to take Nigerians seriously.


The Nigerian-Americans United Political Action Committee is an organization founded by a group of Nigerian-Americans who are committed to the single purpose of electing the former Vice President Joe Biden in the November 2020 Presidential election. This is a Political Action Committee (PAC), authorized under the Federal Election Commission regulations to operate as an Independent Expenditure Only political committee, that may receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions and other PACs for the purpose of financing independent expenditures and other independent political activity.



There is a need to dispel the tilt of many Nigerians in the homeland (Nigeria) towards Donald Trump as a conservative, religious President. Likewise, there is a need to reverse President Trump’s action, which added Nigeria (Africa’s most populous nation, and world’s most populous Black nation), to the list of countries whose residents face restrictions on immigrating to the United States.

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Mobilize a collective action of Nigerian-Americans, for the first time, to cast a block vote in a Presidential Election, and to do so for the former Vice President Joe Biden. It is time the Nigerian Community takes a stand to be counted and recognized for its contribution in building the economy of the United States. With a united force, the Community will form a very strong political power house capable of a voice heard loud and clear that it exists politically; that its vote matters greatly; and that it deserves a seat in the Biden’s Administration.


We Fight


The need to respond strongly to former President Obama’s foreign policy towards Nigeria, which fueled the derailment, and failed second term election of President Goodluck Jonathan.
It is time Nigerian-Americans exert strong enough political power to influence or respond to socio-economic and political issues affecting the Nigerian Community in the United States, and interests in the home country, Nigeria.


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our mission

Our commitment is to raise sufficient amount of money through donations, and to use the money raised to mobilize Nigerian-Americans across the United States and her territories to get out to register, and on election day, to massively go out and vote for Joe Biden.


“A New Day Dawning for Nigerian-Americans”