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Christian Ihenacho

Executive Director
MUP, Rancho Cucamonga

Anastasia Igwe-Kalu

Treasurer, BSc. Gov’t. & Public Admin.
Dipl. Theology, Concord, CA

Bernadine Asuquo Ahonkhai



Ayo Akingbemi

PhD., Rialto, CA

Mr. Augustus Ajawara

P.E., BSc., MPA

Florence I. Egbuchulam

NY; M.S. TV/Radio

Grace Apiafi

Riverside, CA


Princess Jameelah Omolola MKO Abiola

BA. (Fashion/Marketing)
Los Angeles, CA

Chief/Lady Ada Ozo Nonye Agude

Riverside, CA


Oraiu Amoni

BA Economics, Los Angeles, CA


Pastor Kingsley Okundaye

MA Psychology, Fontana, CA

Making A Case For the Nigerian American Community Vote
In The 2022 Midterm Elections

As Nigerian Americans we want to bequeath to our children and the generations to come an environment that assures their safety and fundamental human rights are protected. We are experiencing growing tensions on many fronts: rising extremism, increasing gun violence, war against our political process and threat to our democratic principles. These should give everyone in our community a cause, not only to be concerned, but more importantly, to act to protect our fundamental rights in this nation of our “New Homeland.”



“We need to reconcile and commit to work together for a better and stronger, all inclusive, Greater African-American Community.”


Christian N. Ihenacho
Founder – Nigerian Americans United

Together We Are Stronger

We Will Win The Elections

Pave the way to build a strong platform to elect an increasing number of Nigeria-Americans.

We Care About Causes

There is significant number of Nigerians in the “battle ground” States that can influence results.

Our Party Is Growing

Gain access to the White House and the Congress to advocate for policies that will significantly result.

Get Involved

Our collective effort can make a big difference in determining the outcome of this presidential election.

  • Get Out And Vote!

    We believe that by coming out en masse to work for the election of Joe Biden, it will enable the Democratic Party to take Nigerians seriously, welcome and engage the community in constructive and collective policy-making.

    An influential Nigerian Community in the United States can be instrumental in promoting growth and advancement of Nigerians in the United States, and most importantly, help the community make meaningful contributions to the development of Nigeria.

  • Today We Change Everything!

    Typically, Nigerians split their votes in national elections, voting slightly more for the Democratic Party. But because of the republican nature of Nigerians, notwithstanding, on the bases of data presented previously, if the Nigerian community can be mobilized to come out, as a block, to vote for Democrats in this election, it will be a windfall for the Democrats in what is anticipated to be a very tight presidential election this fall.

  • Be With Us From Now

    It is principally for this reason that we are calling upon all Nigerians across the United States to make a donation in support our campaign to elect former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming election. The funds raised will enable us reach out to all Nigerian Communities in the United States.

    To this effect, we believe that our collective effort will enable us to raise sufficient funds to demonstrate the capacity and strength of the Nigerian Community in the United States. Most importantly, if we are successful in doing this, it will earn our community a favorable spot in the Democratic Party, and the Biden administration.

  • Our Mission

    Our goal is to mobilize all Nigerian-Americans; born in United States or immigrant naturalized citizens of voting age all across the United States, to register, go out and vote for Joe Biden and Democratic Party Candidates.

    We believe that by electing Joe Biden, his administration will implement policies that are more balanced in promoting Nigeria and the United States bilateral relations.


There is a need to dispel the tilt of many Nigerians in the homeland (Nigeria) towards Donald Trump as a conservative, religious President. Likewise, there is a need to reverse President Trump’s action, which added Nigeria (Africa’s most populous nation, and world’s most populous Black nation), to the list of countries whose residents face restrictions on immigrating to the United States.

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Mobilize a collective action of Nigerian-Americans, for the first time, to cast a block vote in a Presidential Election, and to do so for the former Vice President Joe Biden. It is time the Nigerian Community takes a stand to be counted and recognized for its contribution in building the economy of the United States. With a united force, the Community will form a very strong political power house capable of a voice heard loud and clear that it exists politically; that its vote matters greatly; and that it deserves a seat in the Biden’s Administration.


We Fight


The need to respond strongly to former President Obama’s foreign policy towards Nigeria, which fueled the derailment, and failed second term election of President Goodluck Jonathan.
It is time Nigerian-Americans exert strong enough political power to influence or respond to socio-economic and political issues affecting the Nigerian Community in the United States, and interests in the home country, Nigeria.

Take Part of

our mission

Our commitment is to raise sufficient amount of money through donations, and to use the money raised to mobilize Nigerian-Americans across the United States and her territories to get out to register, and on election day, to massively go out and vote for Joe Biden.



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